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Guillaume Povie

Researcher ID

2004DUT; University of Rennes, France (Organic electrochemistry with Prof. Viatcheslav Jouikov)
2005B.S.; University of Rennes, France (Electrochemistry with Dr. Didier Hauchard)
2008M.S.; University of Nantes, France (Organic synthesis with Dr. Fabrice Dénès and Prof. Jacques Lebreton)
2013Ph.D.; University of Bern, Switzerland (Organic chemistry with Prof. Philippe Renaud)
2013-presentSNSF Research Fellow, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University

Guillaume Povie SNSF Research Fellow

Organic synthesis, transition metal catalysis, free radicals reactions

My work consists in the development of new synthetic methods directed to the preparation of original non-planar polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

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