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Keiko Torii

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Keiko Torii (46) University of Washington, USA

Plant development, cell-cell communication, peptides, receptor kinase, stomata

Through being selected as an HHMI-GBMF investigator of Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Torii has been recognized as one of "the 15 most innovative plant scientists in the US". Torii has elucidated the molecular and genetic basis of cell-cell communication and dynamics of cellular behaviors that coordinate plant organ morphogenesis and tissue patterning. She has also identified two peptides, EPFL4 and EPFL6, that act as ligands for receptor kinases to promote plant growth. She will be involved mainly in the development of molecules that selectively induce plant growth as well as the bio-imaging project, collaborating with the groups of Higashiyama, Kinoshita, Itami, Yamaguchi, and Irle.

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