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Prof. Cathleen Crudden has been awarded the 2014 CIC Fellowship

Prof. Cathleen Crudden (PI of ITbM and Professor at Queen's University) has been awarded the 2014 CIC Fellowship of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

About CIC fellowships:

CIC fellowships are a distinctive type of membership that recognize the merits of members of the Constituent Societies of the CIC who have made outstanding contributions. The 2014 Fellows of the CIC are Prof. Cathleen Crudden (Queen's University and ITbM), Prof. Ann English (Concordia University), Prof. Xingfang Li (University of Alberta), Prof. Yue Zhao (Université de Sherbrooke) and Prof. Ying Zheng (University of New Brunswick).

Prof. Crudden has been involved with the Canadian Society for and the Chemical Institute of Canada through work on the CSC Board of Directors as a board member, Vice-President and President. She has also served on the ACCN editorial committee and with the Canadian Journal of Chemistry. Prof. Crudden was involved in the organization of the last two Pacifichem Conferences. She has distinguished herself through her research and teaching as a professor and Queenʼs National Scholar at Queenʼs University, where she has run a large group of dedicated and highly achieving students and has won numerous research awards.(extract with slight modifications from CIC Website)

Prof. Cathleen Crudden: http://www.itbm.nagoya-u.ac.jp/en/members/c-crudden/




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