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  1. Student Exchange Memorandum signed between the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science, Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf and the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules and the Graduate School of Science and School of Science, Nagoya University 2018-06-22

  2. Dr. Masaaki Saitow receives the 2017 Molecular Physics Early Career Researcher Prize 2018-06-21

  3. Professor Jeffrey Bode receives the 2018 Mukaiyama Award 2018-05-24

  4. Professor Cathleen Crudden receives the 2018 IPMI Carol Tyler Award 2018-05-23

  5. Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama, Vice-Director of ITbM, receives the Chunichi Cultural Award 2018-05-09

  6. Announcement of the Award Winners for the 24th Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry 2018-05-09

  7. Professor Wolf B. Frommer receives Taiwan's Tsungming Tu Award 2018-05-08

  8. Professor Cyril Zipfel selected as the 4th Okazaki Award winner 2018-05-07

  9. Professor Rubén Martín selected as the 14th Hirata Award winner 2018-05-07

  10. Dr. Hidenori Takeuchi receives the MEXT Minister's Young Scientist Award 2018-05-07

  11. Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama receives the Academic Award of The Botanical Society of Japan 2018-04-27

  12. Professor Kenichiro Itami, Center Director of ITbM, receives the Rowland Pettit Centennial Visiting Professorship 2018-04-23

  13. Professor Kenichiro Itami's carbon nanobelt is now commercially available 2018-04-02

  14. Dr. Kei Murakami receives the Akasaki Award 2018-03-26

  15. Professor Tetsuya Higashiyama receives the Inoue Prize for Science 2018-02-23

  16. Professor Cathleen Crudden and her group receive the SYNLETT Best Paper Award 2017 2018-02-14

  17. ITbM researchers receive the 2017 Chemical Society of Japan Awards 2018-01-23

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