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PREX710 now commercially available

Off the back of its successful development by the ITbM research group of Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchi and Designated Associate Professor Masayasu Taki, PREX710 has been commercially launched by Funakoshi Co., Ltd. PREX710 is a highly biostable and photostable near-infrared fluorescent probe with diverse applications: in vivofluorescent imaging at the molecular level, plant imaging even in the presence of autofluorescent chloroplasts, and multiplex dyeing.

About PREX710 (English)

Funakoshi Co., Ltd's PREX710 pages (in Japanese)
Product details


In vivo mouse blood vessel imaging (Left), Plant multi imaging: dyeing the cell walls of protonemata in spreading earthmoss (Physcomitrella patens, Right)


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