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Funakoshi Co., Ltd. launches LipiDye® II

Funakoshi Co., Ltd. has launched LipiDye® II, based on research by ITbM's Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchi and Associate Professor Masayasu Taki.

LipiDye® II is a highly sensitive lipid droplet dyeing reagent for the long-term imaging of living cells. In addition to its high specificity for lipid droplets, it boasts a low toxicity and particularly high photostability, can be used for monitoring over several days for the observation of the process of lipid droplet fusion and degradation, and even allows the viewing of minute lipid droplets using super high resolution microscopy.

ITbM's research published in ACS Materials Letters (in English)

Funakoshi product page (in Japanese)

Yamaguchi Group page (in Japanese)


Example of LipiDye® II staining in adipocyte and non-adipocyte cells


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