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  • (1) To develop molecules that precisely control biotic function and production.  Specifically, we will target (a) molecules that dramatically enhance plant growth based on the discovery of new signal transduction pathway of plant hormone, (b) molecules that regulate season-sensing systems and reproduction in animals, and (c) molecules that can overcome species barriers in plant breeding to produce novel crops.
  • (2) To develop innovative bio-imaging molecules and related photoelectronic molecular technologies that enable the visualization of biological phenomena at will. For instance, we will design and synthesize new fluorescent molecules that feature high luminance, low molecular weight, and controlled labeling properties.

Meanwhile, we will propel the development of small-molecule catalysts for achieving ideal chemical synthesis, which can also be used for the selective activation and transformation of bio-molecules in vivo, in order to provide a viable method for realizing the two main objectives. Through these endeavors, we will create "transformative bio-molecules" that will dramatically change the way of research in chemistry, biology, and other related fields. Most importantly, we will make these molecules readily available for all the researchers in the world to expand the global impact of ITbM.