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  1. Professors Higashiyama and Itami's sugar molecule for plant fertilization, AMOR is now commercially available 2017-12-21

  2. ITbM's 3 PIs named as 2017 Highly Cited Researchers 2017-11-16

  3. ITbM Booth exhibition at BioJapan 2017 2017-10-05

  4. Professors Yamaguchi and Higashiyama's photostable fluorescent dye C-Naphox is now commercially available 2017-09-29

  5. Professor Kenichiro Itami, Center Director of ITbM, has been selected as the 2017 ICI Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Calgary in Canada 2017-09-08

  6. [Preliminary Announcement] Establishment of the ITbM Consortium 2017-08-30

  7. Professor Kenichiro Itami, Center Director of ITbM, receives the Guthikonda Lectureship 2017-07-19

  8. Professor Kenichiro Itami's new compound, dcypt is commercially available 2017-07-10

  9. Professor Shigehiro Yamaguchi, Vice-Director of ITbM has been selected as a Merck-Karl Pfister Visiting Professor 2017-07-10

  10. Dr. Aiko Fukazawa has been selected to receive the 2017 Nozoe Award 2017-07-10

  11. Professor Cathleen Crudden receives the CSC Award 2017-05-17

  12. Professor Kenichiro Itami, Center Director of ITbM, receives the Chunichi Cultural Award 2017-05-08

  13. Drs. Kohsuke Ohmatsu and Norihito Nakamichi receive the MEXT Minister's Young Scientist Award 2017-04-26

  14. ITbM receives the highest score for WPI's interim evaluation 2017-04-24

  15. Dr. Masayoshi Nakamura receives the 2017 HFSP Career Development Award 2017-04-18

  16. Prof. Itami's group succeed in the synthesis of a carbon nanobelt 2017-04-14

  17. Prof. Tetsuya Higashiyama is awarded the Kihara Award 2017-04-04

  18. Professor Kenichiro Itami, Center Director of ITbM, awarded the 23rd Yomiuri Techno Forum Gold Medal Prize 2017-03-17

  19. A peek into research life in Japan ~ An international group of researchers at Nagoya University discuss their experiences about research in Japan~ 2017-03-06

  20. Announcement of the Award Winners for the 23nd Nagoya Medal of Organic Chemistry 2017-03-03

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