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  1. ITbM's Professor Toshinori Kinoshita's research highlighted by Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council 2021-12-24

  2. ITbM Affiliated Researcher Michitaka Notaguchi receives National Institute of Science and Technology Nice Step Prize 2021 2021-12-20

  3. ITbM's Infinitene named as Molecule of the Year in Chemistry & Engineering News 2021-12-20

  4. 3 of ITbM's PIs named as Highly Cited Researchers 2021 2021-11-17

  5. ITbM's Designated Associate Professor Masakazu Nambo receives MSD Life Science Foundation BCA Award 2021-10-25

  6. ITbM's Designated Associate Professor Ayato Sato part of international research consortium awarded funds by GHIT 2021-10-25

  7. Paper from group led by ITbM's Designated Associate Professor Yoshikatsu Sato receives the Japanese Society of Plant Morphology's Hirase Award 2021-09-30

  8. ITbM researchers' lectures on cutting edge molecular science now streaming online! 2021-07-08

  9. Condolence Message for Professor Daisuke Uemura 2021-05-14

  10. ITbM's Designated Lecturer Keiko Kuwata and cooperating researcher Associate Professor Kei Murakami receive MEXT Award for Science and Technology 2021-04-22

  11. ITbM's Professor Takashi Yoshimura receives the 29th Kihara Memorial Foundation Award 2021-04-20

  12. 5-Adamantyl-IAA, a synthetic auxin developed by Professor Torii's group, has been brought to market by TCI 2021-04-16

  13. Professor Cathleen Crudden appointed as editor-in-chief of ACS Catalysis journal 2021-02-08

  14. ITbM's Professor Takashi Ooi receives the 73rd Chemical Society of Japan Award 2021-01-13

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