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ITbM-IGER-RCMS Seminar (Dr. Tatiana Domratcheva)

Date: 2015/2/17, 16:00〜17:00

Venue: Chemistry Gallery, Noyori Material Science Laboratory 2nd floor


Speaker: Dr. Tatiana Domratcheva (Group Leader, Max-Planck Institute for Medical Research, Germany)

Title: "Computational studies of photosensitive flavoproteins: from spectroscopy to understanding functional mechanisms"

Language: English

After obtaining her PhD in Chemistry (2000) in Russia, Dr. Domratcheva moved to the Max-Planck Institute. She then became the leader of the Computational Photobiology Group in 2009. Her group uses quantum-chemical methods to investigate excited molecules implicated in biological photoactivation and photodamage. Their research focuses on: (1) light activation and signaling in blue-light photoreceptors and (2) DNA photodamage and photorepair.


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