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ITbM-IGER-RCMS Seminar (Prof. Jeremiah A. Johnson)

Date: 2015/11/30, Mon. 14:00〜15:30

Venue: Lecture Room, Noyori Materials Science Laboratory 2nd floor


Speaker: Prof. Jeremiah A. Johnson (Firmenich Career Development Assistant Professor, MIT, USA)

Title: "Closing the loop: towards control of structure and topology in polymers"

Language: English


Prof. Johnson is one of the rising chemist in polymer science, material science and surface chemistry. His research group focuses on molecular design in three primary areas: nano-scale materials synthesis, macro-scale materials synthesis, and development of new chemical methods for modifying interfaces between bulk and nanoscale objects. HP: http://web.mit.edu/johnsongroup/# He has recently become a member of the Polymer Chemistry Editorial Board, and he was chosen by Chemical Communications as one of their Emerging Investigators of 2015.



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