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Itami ERATO-ITbM-IGER-RCMS Seminar (Prof. Michael Haley)

Date: 2016/4/19, Tue. 16:00〜17:30

Venue: Lecture Room, Noyori Materials Science Laboratory 2nd floor


Speaker: Prof. Michael Haley (University of Oregon, USA)

Title: "Indenofluorenes and Quinoidal Analogues- A New Class of Electron-Accepting Materials"

Language: English


Prof. Haley is one of the leading chemists and his group's interests are deeply rooted in the exploration of important non-natural pi-electron systems. Current research in his lab is focused on molecules based on or inspired by an indenofluorene(IF) skeleton. IFs have the potential to act as rigid, planar, electron-accepting cores for the formation of advanced materials with novel electronic properties. They recently demonstrated that single crystals of an aryl-substituted IF could serve as an active layer in an organic field-effect transistor that exhibits ambipolar behavior.

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