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IGER-ITbM-RCMS Seminar (Prof. Eric Rivard)

Date: 2016/5/12, Thu. 16:00〜17:30

Venue: Noyori Materials Science Laboratory 2F, Lecture Hall


Speaker: Prof. Eric Rivard (University of Alberta, Canada)

Title: "Applying Inorganic Synthesis to Gain Access to New Phosphorescent and Nanodimensional Materials"

Language: English


Research in the Rivard group lies within the general realm of synthetic Inorganic and Polymer Chemistry, with particular focus given to addressing important challenges in the fields of solar energy, catalysis and chemical sensing. In addition, through chemical explorations, his research group gains fundamental insight into the nature of bonding and reactivity across the Period Table. Consequently, researchers in the Rivard group will be exposed to a number of advanced synthesis and characterization techniques, including quantum mechanical (DFT) methods.

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