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IGER-ITbM-RCMS Seminar (Prof. Govindasamy Mugesh)

Date: 2016/5/9, Mon. 13:30〜15:00

Venue: ITbM 1F, Lecture room


Speaker: Prof. Govindasamy Mugesh (Indian Institute of Science, India)

Title: "Regioselective Deiodination of Thyroid Hormones by Organoselenium Compounds: Functional Mimics of Selenoenzymes-Iodothyronine Deiodinases"

Language: English


The Megesh research group activities involve organic/inorganic syntheses, enzyme mimetic studies, and multidisciplinary approaches in the area of biomedical research. Their recent efforts are directed toward understanding the redox activity between synthetic compounds and biomolecules in mammalian cells, e.g., the thyroid hormone metabolism and thyroid related disorders, development of molecular probes for the detection and quantification of reactive oxygen species in the cells, and oxidative stress biomarkers. They also succeeded in creating a unique multidisciplinary group for an efficient collaboration within the laboratory and outside to undertake challenging problems at the chemistry-biology interface.

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