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ITbM-IGER Seminar (Dr. Hitoshi Endo)

Date: 2016/7/19, Tue. 14:00〜15:00

Venue: Lecture Room, ITbM building 1st floor


Speaker: Dr. Hitoshi Endo (Postdoctoral Fellow, Nara Institute of Science and Technology)

Title: "The role of epigenetic regulation in xylem vessel cell differentiation"

Language: English


Dr. Endo is a member of Demura Lab "Plant Metabolic Regulation" in NAIST. One of their major topics is to explore the control mechanism of xylem cells differentiation, to improve plant biomass resources. They have identified a key regulator of xylem vessel differentiation, Arabidopsis VND7 (Vascular-Related NAC Domain Protein7), and found that multiple classes of transcription factors regulate the expression of VND7, and that the VND-based molecular system is conserved among land plants widely.

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