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IGER-ITbM Seminar(Prof. François P. Gabbaï)

Date: 2017/3/9, Thu. 16:00〜17:30

Venue: Lecture Room, ITbM building 1st floor


Speaker: Prof. François P. Gabbaï(Texas A&M University)

Title: "Exploiting the Non-Innocence of Antimony Ligands in Organometallic Catalysis"

Language: English


Prof. Gabbaï's holds the Arthur E. Martell Chair of Chemistry in the TAMU, and is an editor of Organometallics. His research group is concerning with the chemistry of electrophilic and/or Lewis acidic molecules with a special focus on the discovery of novel structures and bonding modes. In this seminar, he is going to talk about antimony containing compounds and their chemistry.

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