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1st ITbM Frontier Seminar

Date: 2019/1/22, Tue. 13:30〜17:30

Venue: Lecture Room, ITbM building 1st floor

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◆Speaker: Takayuki Uchihashi(Laboratory of Biomolecular Dynamics and Function Nagoya Univ., Professor)

Title:"Visualization of Single Molecule Dynamics at Work with High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy"

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◆Speaker: Atsushi J. Nagano (Faculty of Agriculture, Dept. of Plant Life Sciences, Ryukoku Univ., Lecturer)

Title:"Plant responses to complex natural environments captured by field transcriptomics"

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◆Speaker: Yoichiro Fukao (College of Life Sciences Department of Bioinformatics Ritsumeikan Univ., Associate Professor)

Title: "How to adapt proteomics into plant biology"

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Language: English