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GTR-ICREA-ITbM Seminar (Dr. Manabu Ishitani)

Date: 2019/7/10, Wed. 13:00〜14:30

Venue: Lecture Room, ITbM building 1st floor

Speaker: Dr. Manabu Ishitani (Agrobiodiversity Research Area, International Center for Tropical Agriculture)

Title: "Next 4 Billion Lessons Learned and Future Directions in Ag R&D"

Language: Japanese (Slides are written in English)

More than 70% of 4 billion low-income layer in the world, called base of the economic pyramid (BOP), are thought to be small-scale farmers in developing countries. The environment surrounding this small-scale farmers has undergone remarkable changes in recent years. Urbanization and changes in eating habits due to growth of the middle-income class. This is a new growth opportunity for the agricultural sector in developing countries. That is, it is a shift from "agriculture as a way of life" to "agriculture as a business." This transformation is rapidly progressing from agricultural production to consumption in developing countries through the introduction of ICT and IoT technologies such as smart phones.
In this seminar I would like to introduce the challenges and prospects in Ag R&D from the efforts undertaken by the International Tropical Agriculture Center in Colombia, South America.

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