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WPI Science Symposium 2021: 'Life' in the 21st century

Date: 2021/2/7 (Sun) 10:00〜16:00、 2021/2/8 (Mon) 10:00~15:15

Venue: Zoom

WPI Science Symposium 2021: 'Life' in the 21st century

Day 1: For junior and senior high school students, university students and members of the public

Day 2: For public relations staff, science communicators, museum staff and science teachers

Language: Japanese

Entry fee: None

Delivered via online presentation.

WPI Science Symposium webpage (in Japanese)

Registration (deadline: January 30)

The nature of life is the greatest question of the 21st century. Where does life come from? Where are we going? Can we create artificial life? To find the answers, we need a diverse and widespread range of scientific research, from astronomy and astrophysics to planetary science, geoscience, synthetic biology, neuroscience and AI.

The WPI Science Symposium showcases the cutting edge research in these fields being carried out by Japan's top scientists. On February 7, students and the public will be introduced to the questions of life in the 21st century, and the careers of top scientists. February 8 is a second symposium for PR specialists and those in the public facing areas of science. The program for the second day can be found here (in Japanese)

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