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Cathleen M. Crudden

Researcher ID

1989B.S.; University of Toronto, Canada (Organometallic Chemistry)
1990M.S.; University of Toronto, Canada (Organometallic Chemistry)
1994Ph.D.; NSERC scholar, University of Ottawa, Canada
(Organometallic Chemistry; Catalysis)
1995-1996NSERC Postdoctoral Fellow; University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
1996-2000Assistant Professor; University of New Brunswick, Canada
2000-2002Assistant Professor (tenured); University of New Brunswick, Canada
2001-2002University Research Professor; University of New Brunswick, Canada
2002-2007Queen’s National Scholar and Associate Professor; Queen's University, Canada
2009-presentFull Professor; Queen's University, Canada
2013-presentVisiting Professor; WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University
2015-2016Killam Research Professor
2017Canada Research Chair, Tier1

Cathleen M. Crudden Queen’s University, Canada

Organometallic catalysis, organo-element catalysis, nanoporous materials

Crudden centers on the use of catalysis for organic synthesis and materials chemistry. A key focus is the use of boron chemistry to achieve these goals in an efficient and green manner. She will be involved mainly in the development of molecules that selectively induce plant growth as well as in our bio-imaging projects. In addition to her expertise in synthesis and catalysis, Crudden is one of the most visible and capable leaders of the chemistry community in the world. Most notably, she was one of the Canadian organizers for Pacifichem 2010, the largest chemistry conference worldwide, and will continue on as one of two Canadian representatives for 2015. Even more importantly, she is now serving as the President of the Canadian Society for Chemistry. Her visions combined with her enthusiasm and energy are unmatched and essential to ITbM.

Research Highlights

Selected Awards and Honors

2017 SYNLETT Best Paper Award 2017
2017R. U. Lemieux Award, Canadian Society for Chemistry
2015-2016Killam Research Fellow
2014Fellow, Chemical Institute of Canada
2012-2013President, Canadian Society of Chemistry
2014-2018Scientific Council Member, The Sainsbury Lab, UK
2011Clara Benson Award
2010Catalysis Society Lectureship Award
2010NSERC Accelerator Awardee

Selected Publications

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