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Norihito Nakamichi

Researcher ID

2000B.S.; Nagoya University (Agriculture)
2002M.S.; Nagoya University (Agriculture)
2005Dr. Agr.; Nagoya University (Agriculture)
2004-2007JSPS Research Fellow (PD, DC)
2008-2010Special Postdoctoral Researcher; RIKEN Plant Science Center
2011-2013Designated Assistant Professor; YLC program, Nagoya University
2011-2014JST PRESTO Researcher
2013-2021Designated Associate Professor; WPI-ITbM and Graduate School of Sciences, Nagoya Univ.
2021-presentProfessor; Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya Univ.

Norihito Nakamichi (Professor, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences, Nagoya University)

Plant physiology, Molecular biology, Circadian clock, Omics-based biology

Nakamichi has been studying molecular mechanism underlying plant circadian clock. He found that plant specific transcriptional repressors named PSEUDO-RESPONSE REGULATORs (PRRs) act in the clock genetic circuit. By using a high-throughput DNA sequence technology (ChIP-seq) combined with genome-wide gene expression, he found that PRRs directly regulate not only clock-associated genes, but also some key genes involved in clock out-put pathways. At ITbM, he has been studying unique small molecules controlling the plant circadian clock, collaborating with the groups of Itami, Ooi, Yoshimura, Kay, and the Chemical Library Center.

Research Highlights

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