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Takashi Yoshimura

Researcher ID

1993B.S.; Nagoya University (Animal Physiology)
1995M.S.; Nagoya University (Animal Physiology)
1996Dr. Agr.; Nagoya University (Animal Physiology)
1995-1996JSPS Research Fellow (DC)
1996-1999Assistant Professor; School of Agricultural Science, Nagoya University
1999-2005Assistant Professor; Graduate School of Bioagricultural Science, Nagoya University
2005-2008Associate Professor; Graduate School of Bioagricultural Science, Nagoya University
2008-presentProfessor; Graduate School of Bioagricultural Science, Nagoya University
2013-presentProfessor; WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University
2013-presentNational Institute for Basic Biology, Visiting Professor

Takashi Yoshimura Nagoya University

Biological clock, systems biology, animal production, pharmaceuticals

Yoshimura's research focuses on the regulatory mechanisms of biological clock and signal transduction pathway regulating seasonal reproduction in vertebrates. The uniqueness of his research lies in the use of non-model animals and the systems biology approach. Most importantly, he has identified a "springtime hormone" that triggers seasonal reproduction and clarified the signal transduction cascade for animal seasonal reproduction. Yoshimura also identified a key gene regulating seasonal reproduction in birds, and later demonstrated that the discovered reproduction mechanism is conserved in seasonal mammalian species. These breakthrough findings became the basis of one of the core projects in ITbM. He will be involved mainly in the development of molecules that improve animal reproduction, collaborating with the groups of Ooi, Bode, Irle, and Itami.

Research Highlights



Selected Awards and Honors

2015 Incentive Award, The Japan Society for Comparative Endocrinology
2015 Van Meter Award, ATA
2010 Fellow of the Society for Biology, UK
2010Hoffenberg International Medal from the Society for Endocrinology, UK
2009JSPS Prize
2009Japanese Society of Animal Science Prize

Selected Publications

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