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Yoshikatsu Sato

Researcher ID

1996B.S.; International Christian University (Biology)
1998M.S.; Tokyo Metropolitan University (Biological Science)
2001Dr. Sci.; Tokyo Metropolitan University (Biological Science)
2000-2001JSPS Research Fellow DC; Tokyo Metropolitan University
2002-2005JSPS Research Fellow PD; National Institute for Basic Biology
2005-2006Postdoctoral Fellow; National Institute for Basic Biology
2006-2011Postdoctoral Fellow; ERATO Hasebe Reprogramming Evolution Project, JST
2011-2012Postdoctoral Fellow; Nara Institute of Science and Technology
2012-2013Postdoctoral Fellow; ERATO Higashiyama Live-Holonics Project, JST
2013-2017Center Chief, Designated Lecturer ; Live-Imaging Center, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University
2017-presentCenter Chief, Designated Associate Professor ; Live-Imaging Center, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University

Yoshikatsu Sato Center Chief, Designated Associate Professor (Nagoya University)

Plant physiology, Plant environmental response, Organelle movement, Live-imaging

The Live Imaging Center is an imaging and processing site that provides access to researchers worldwide. Yoshikatsu Sato provides generous support ranging from experimental design to data acquisition in addition to his own research on cellular and subcellular behaviors in response to environmental stimuli in plants. The imaging subjects cover a broad range of chemical fluorescent molecules as well as fluorescent proteins in a wide variety of biological specimens (bacteria, fungi, green algae, plants, animals). In addition to biological research, he is involved in the application of novel chemical fluorescent molecules for bio-imaging, collaborating with the chemistry groups at ITbM .

Research Highlights

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