The 16th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery

Renee Man


Postdoctoral Fellow

Crudden Group, ITbM



June 29 (Tue) – July 29 (Thu), 2021

Open: Weekday 9:30-19:30, Close: Saturday & Sunday

Illustrating Chemistry


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Of all sciences, chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects to visualize for the general public.

While chemists are often skilled at conveying their work using words, the many abstract complex

concepts in chemistry are not easily understood by a wide audience. Furthermore, chemistry often

strikes fear into the hearts of general public, with a negative and dangerous image in mind.

How can we showcase chemistry in precise manner but in a simpler form and without scaring off

the general public? Can we use art to shake off the negative connotation of chemistry?

This exhibition is a collection of journal cover artwork and science-related artwork done throughout

my scientific career, which illustrate how we can use art to convey various messages.

Artist Bio

Born in Hong Kong but grew up in Canada, Renee Man obtained her Ph.D degree in Chemistry at

the University of British Columbia before moving to Nagoya, Japan. She was always interested in

drawing, and had extensive experience with many art software that led her to working at a design

company. Her art journey continued even through her scientific path: While working as a

researcher, Renee has been involved in creating artwork for various research groups, many of

which were published as cover artworks in high impact journals. She strives to communicate

science through usage of colours and art.


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