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Request for Donations

Your gift could change the world

The characteristic of the graphite in a pencil – its softness – allows us to draw on paper with this opaque, black substance. A diamond, on the other hand, is transparent and unbreakably hard. Their characteristics and purposes are polar opposites. But looked at from a different perspective, these two materials are exactly the same. All that makes them appear different is the way that the carbon atoms from which they are constructed are arranged.


So how do two materials made from the same base element come to have such different characteristics? The answer lies in how the carbon atoms are connected. In other words, by changing the way that molecules are constructed, we can dramatically change their characteristics and functions, unlocking their ability to change the world around us.


The Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) is an international research center founded in 2012 as part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI).


Since ITbM’s inception, with the cooperative power of chemists to give molecules their capabilities, biologists to discover how to apply them, and theoreticians to analyze and calculate their power, we have broken down the walls dividing the scientific disciplines and produced numerous successes.


As we continue to face the challenge of creating chemical processes and molecules that will have a positive impact on society, we must educate the next generation of researchers in a way that fosters this inter-disciplinary thinking.


Through our fund, the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program, founded in 2017, we pledge to use your donation to support researchers who have the ability and attitude to help change our society for the better.


We are very grateful for whatever you are able to give.


Takashi Yoshimura

Director, ITbM

How to give

1) Giving online

1. Click the ‘Donate’ button on the right or search for ‘Nagoya University Foundation’,

    access the page, and open the ‘Give to Nagoya University’ donation form

2. Choose ‘Support for Special Funds’ as the purpose of your donation

3. Select ‘Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program’ from

    the drop-down list that appears below. You will be directed to the payment form.


2) Paying by paper form

Please contact the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Donations office. We will send you a form.


Please contact us to find out more about the issuing of receipts, benefits available to donors and the tax advantages of giving to Nagoya University. Nagoya University is unable to accept donations given on condition of the donor receiving preferential treatment from the University, donations that may interfere with the carrying out of the University’s duties, or donations from persons or organizations recognized to be antisocial elements.


Your gift amount

Whether you are donating as an individual or on behalf of an organization, we are delighted to receive whatever amount you are able to give. A small gift can become part of a life-changing piece of research.

If you wish, you may also make a regular donation, for example ¥1000 per month.

How we use your donation

Supporting Research

Support for ITbM Members


Providing support for young researchers’ startups and helping with the costs of ambitious new research projects means that they are able to focus on their research without concerns over financial stability.

Providing stable employment, support and education for exceptional young researchers to create the next generation of international, ambitious and creative minds.

Providing support to keep our research environment maintained to the highest possible standards.

ITbM’s Key Projects

Striga, a parasitic plant, causes around 1 trillion yen (around 9 billion US dollars) worth of damage to African agriculture every year. ITbM is developing molecules to tackle this key plant science issue, along with molecules to control stomata, the openings on a plant’s surface which control the intake of CO2. Elsewhere in biology, we are developing molecules to manage the body clock, which has the power to treat a variety of diseases including depression and cancers. In chemistry, we are working on the continuing scientific challenges presented by carbon nanobelts, and on extended fluorescent imaging, which is essential for the analysis of molecular function. We believe that these projects will contribute to solving the most pressing issues in modern society, such as food supply and environmental pollution. Over 100 of our research papers have been published in Science, Nature and related publications.

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