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14th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery: Nagoya Monochrome

Date: October 05 (Mon), 2020 – October 30 (Fri), 2020  Weekday: 9:30-19:30

Venue: Entrance Hall, 1F, Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules, Nagoya University (ITbM)

Artist: Edmund Rhind-Tutt

Title: Nagoya Monochrome

ITbM Gallery is just one of many parts of ITbM that subscribe to the 'mix' concept, with its theme of mixing science and art. It is our wish that through viewing these exhibitions and by encouraging the exchange of ideas with the artists themselves, our scientists will gain new perspectives on their own research. By demonstrating their ability to mix, not only to our colleagues but also to the wider public, we intend to turn this space into the crossroads where art and science meet.
The 14th event at ITbM Gallery presents an exhibition titled "Nagoya Monochrome" by ITbM Research Promotion Division member and photographer Edmund Rhind-Tutt. The collection of photographs shows the usually colorful city of Nagoya rendered as pure light and shadow, offering a new perspective on the city we all know.

* When visiting the Gallery, please be sure to take precautions against the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing masks, washing your hands and gargling. We thank you for your cooperation.



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