The 9th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery

July 2nd - August 1st (weekday 9:30 - 19:30)


in/visible marks


Keiichi Kusano

Akihito Ito

Issey Takahashi


I can see a mark, but you can’t see it. I want you to notice the mark, but you don’t notice it. The difference in perception makes us think about the meaning of “disability”. The exhibition will make you perceive the marks that exist in the stamp paintings created by individuals with an intellectual and/or developmental disability. You will see their marks that reflect their daily emotions such as happy, shy, nervous, excited, or sad, through the colors, forms, or layouts of stamps on a paper. The exhibition will let you experience a moment where invisible marks become visible.






Keiichi Kusano (Assoc. Prof., Nagoya Univ. of Arts and Sciences), Akihito Ito (Researcher, Nagoya City Univ.), and Issey Takahashi (Designated Assist. Prof., Nagoya Univ.) are artists and designers based on Nagoya, Japan. Kusano’s research focuses on design solutions for improving vocational chances for individuals with disabilities. Ito and Takahashi are conducting art and design activities exploring a way of human communication using physical synchronization. In 2015, they started the project discovering in/visible marks that exist between people with and without disabilities. They created numerous stamp paintings with people with intellectual and/or developmental disability since then. This is the first exhibition of their works.


草野圭一(名古屋学芸大学 准教授),伊藤明倫(名古屋市立大学 研究員),髙橋一誠(名古屋大学 特任助教)は名古屋を拠点に活動するアーティスト・デザイナーです.草野は,障がい者の選択肢ある就労へ向けたデザインを主たる研究テーマとし,伊藤と髙橋は,身体同調を用いたコミュニケーションの探求をテーマとする芸術・デザイン活動を行なっています.3人は,2015年から「障がい」を持つ人と持たない人の間に存在する「見えるしるし」と「見えないしるし」を探る活動を始め,知的・発達障がいを持つ人々とスタンプ画を数多く制作してきました.「見えるしるし/見えないしるし」は,3人のスタンプ画制作活動の第1回目の展示になります.



Issey Takahashi

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules

Nagoya University

Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, Japan

Tel: 052-789-4999

Email: i.takahashi[at]


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