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Research Highlights


  1. Highly efficient genome engineering in flowering plants ~ Development of a rapid method to knockout genes in Arabidopsis thaliana ~ 2016-12-05

  2. Live cell imaging of asymmetric cell division in fertilized plant cells ~ Insight into why leaves grow up and roots grow down in flowering plants ~ 2016-11-29

  3. Three rings stop cell division in plants ~ Development of a triarylmethane compound for possible control of plant growth ~ 2016-11-25

  4. Rapid synthesis towards optically active α-aminocarbonyl therapeutics ~ New catalytic asymmetric reaction directly installs amines into carbonyl compounds ~ 2016-11-22

  5. Plant's POEM: "No need to fertilize, for increase in seed size" ~ Expectations for robust crop production under various environmental conditions ~ 2016-11-11

  6. Live imaging to visualize the genomic sequences of plants ~ Changing the scissors of genetic editing to light ~ 2016-10-11

  7. One-pot synthesis towards sulfur-based organic semiconductors ~ A short and simple synthetic route for thiophene-fused aromatic compounds ~ 2016-09-12

  8. Unlocking the mystery on how plant leaves grow their teeth ~ Discovery of EPFL2 peptide (key) and its receptor (lock) that make zigzag edges on leaves ~ 2016-09-02

  9. "Helix-to-Tube", a simple strategy to synthesize covalent organic nanotubes ~ Making mechanically strong nanotubes with light ~ 2016-08-30

  10. AMOR, a love potion for plant fertilization ~Discovery and synthesis of AMOR sugar chains that guide pollen tube growth~ 2016-04-08

  11. Plant's morning calls to prepare for the night ~Discovery of clock genes in plants that regulate the circadian rhythm~ 2016-03-23

  12. Where males sense females in plants ~Unraveling the unknown receptors and mechanism for fertilization in plants~ 2016-03-10

  13. Small molecule slows down ticking of the biological clock ~Design principle of CRY clock protein acting compounds for regulation of the circadian clock~ 2016-02-08

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