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  1. Unlocking the mystery of pollen tube guidance ~ Solving the cocrystal structure of a pollen tube attractant and its receptor ~ 2017-12-29

  2. More mouths can be fed by boosting number of plant pores ~ Discovery of small molecules that increases the number of stomata on plant leaves ~ 2017-09-20

  3. Discovery of the maintenance mechanism of mitochondrial DNA in HeLa cells 2017-09-12

  4. Discovery of dynamic seasonal changes in color perception ~The small fish "medaka" shows large differences in color perception in summer and winter~ 2017-09-05

  5. Super-photostable fluorescent labeling agent for super-resolution microscopy ~ A powerful tool for 3D and multicolor STED imaging of cellular ultrastructure ~ 2017-08-17

  6. Shining rings: A new material emits white light when exposed to electricity ~ New synthetic approach could spark development of other dynamic materials ~ 2017-07-24

  7. Stem cells inhibit reprogramming of adjacent cells in moss plants 2017-05-16

  8. At Last: Beautiful, consistent carbon belts ~ Synthesis of a carbon nanobelt with potential applications in nanotechnology ~ 2017-05-11

  9. Plant cells penetrate into 1 micrometer gap ~ Observation by a microfluidic platform ~ 2017-05-08

  10. Plant's parent genes cooperate in shaping their child ~ Discovery of parental factors that lead to asymmetric division of the zygote ~ 2017-04-21

  11. Discovery of the key factor for stomatal opening ~ Towards new technologies for drought tolerance and growth control of crops ~ 2017-04-11

  12. Pinpoint creation of chirality by organic catalysts ~ Minimal structural change in catalyst enables stereochemical inversion for the synthesis of amino acid derivatives ~ 2017-04-07

  13. Making new plant hormones that alter shape ~ Generation of synthetic bifunctional peptides by amino acid swapping ~ 2017-03-08

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