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  1. Sphinx molecule to rescue African farmers from witchweed - Discovery of a hypersensitive suicide germination stimulant - 2018-12-17

  2. Discovery of molecules responsible for the growth of pollen tubes 2018-10-02

  3. Taking a deep look: a near infrared fluorescent dye for long term bioimaging ~ Promising photostable tool for single molecule tracking and multicolor imaging ~ 2018-08-15

  4. Thermal radiation from red-hot carbon nanotubes ~ Potential applications toward photothermal conversion material ~ 2018-08-06

  5. Making carbon nanosheets from carbon nanorings inside a beaker ~ Bottom-up synthesis of 2D nanomaterials ~ 2018-07-09

  6. Scientists reveal why plant stomata has its particular lip shape ~ Plant's master regulator gene MUTE, provides hints to how organisms develop their shape ~ 2018-05-08

  7. Revisiting existing drugs finds molecules that control body clocks ~ Discovery of an anti-aging supplement that reduces jet lag in mice ~ 2018-04-18

  8. Discovery of compounds that keep plants fresh ~ Controlling plant pore openings for drought tolerance and delay in leaf withering ~ 2018-04-09

  9. Scientists control molecular alignment on a graphene surface ~ A fluke discovery could pave the way towards improved graphene-based electronics ~ 2018-03-22

  10. Development of a new anionic phosphate catalyst ~ Merging structural chemistry and catalytic chemistry ~ 2018-02-21

  11. Flexible warped nanographene developed for bioimaging ~ A new water-soluble nanocarbon triggers cell death when exposed to light ~ 2018-02-19

  12. "Zipping-up" rings to make nanographenes ~ A fast and efficient method for graphene nanoribbon synthesis ~ 2018-02-08

  13. Chemical hijacking of plant hormone signaling ~ A collaboration between organic chemistry and synthetic biology ~ 2018-01-23

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