The 12th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery

November 5th - 28th (weekday 9:30 - 19:30)


by Alexia Fabiani

Artist bio:

Grown between the mountains of South of France and Monaco, Alexia always loved nature and exploring it was her favorite activity. During her high school years, she was always involved in environmental activities in Monaco. In 2012, after winning a contest, that got her a full-sponsorship from the Foundation of the Prince Albert II of Monaco in order to participate in an expedition to the Arctic, her involvement grew even stronger. In 2018, while studying physics at Nagoya University, Alexia received the same sponsorship to go back to the Arctic; this time it opened new opportunities as in 2019, she took part in JIRP program, a two-month man-powered scientific expedition through the Juneau Icefield, South-East Alaska, partly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Monaco. Graduated in physics and now working as a technical assistant in ITbM, she wishes to share her stories and thoughts.



There is no doubt, the climate is changing. Its impacts have first been observed in the world's most remote places; the Arctic pole and glaciers around the world are changing at unprecedented speed.

Behind the scenes, field scientists are applying physics, chemistry and biology in a quest to better understand these global happenings, analysing what was once before, what is no more, and predicting what is yet to come. Surviving in inhospitable and unforgiving environments, they aspire to provide the world with knowledge and tools to recognise this drastic change and to take action against it.


The 12th ITbM Gallery Exhibition will be open on November 5th!


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