The 7th International Symposium on

Transformative Bio-Molecules (ISTbM-7)

Gong Chen

Ueli Grossniklaus

Vy M. Dong

Nankai University

"C-H Functionalization Strategy for Synthesis of Complex Peptides and Carbohydrates"


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University of Zürich

"The Structural Basis for Peptide Signaling in the Cell Wall"


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University of California at Irvine

"Make It or Break It

with Metal-Hydrides"


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The 15th Hirata Award

Abigail G. Doyle

Princeton University

"New directions in Ni-catalyzed cross coupling"


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The 5th Tsuneko & Reiji Okazaki Award

Kay M. Tye

The Salk Institute for Biological Sciences

"Neural Circuit Mechanisms of Emotional and Social Processing"


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