The 15th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery

December 01 (Tue) – 23 (Wed), 2020 (tentative schedule)

Weekday: 9:30-19:30


アーティスト:溝口 達也

The story of the plants

Artist: Tatsuya Mizoguchi


ITbM Galleryでは,ランドスケーピスト 溝口達也氏による「植物物語」と題した展覧会の開催を予定しています.本展覧会では,自ら然らしむカタチを求め,自然を分母にした庭作りに取り組むランドスキップ(Landscipe)のコンセプトと作品を紹介します.


The ITbM Gallery is planning an exhibition titled “The story of the plants” by a Landscapist, Tatsuya Mizoguchi. The exhibition introduces the concept and works of Landscipe, a group of Landscapists who seek a form of nature and create gardens by interacting with nature.



* When visiting the Gallery, please be sure to take precautions against the spread of COVID-19,

such as wearing masks, washing your hands and gargling. We thank you for your cooperation.


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