The 29th Exhibition of ITbM Gallery “Fujimae-higata”

【Exhibitors】Fujimae Ramsar Society, Fujimae Cleanup Committee, Nagoya City Wild Bird Observation Center



The 29th ITbM Gallery invites you to explore an exhibition showcasing the inhabitants of the Fujimae tidal flats, the endeavors of those dedicated to their preservation, and the pressing issue of waste. Your presence is warmly welcomed – we hope you can join us at the exhibition.

第29回 ITbMギャラリー展覧会『藤前干潟』

【出展】NPO 法人藤前干潟を守る会藤前干潟クリーン大作戦実行委員会名古屋市野鳥観察館



第29回 ITbMギャラリー展覧会では,藤前干潟に棲む生き物とそれを守る人の営み,そして大きな課題として存在するゴミの現状について紹介します.お誘い合わせの上,是非ご覧ください.




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