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Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research

Admissions and Applications

Admissions and Applications

Graduate Schools, Departments, and Divisions inviting applications

Graduate School of Science
Department of Chemistry, Division of Biological Science
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry, Department of Materials Chemistry, Department of Biomolecular Engineering
Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
Department of Forest and Environmental Resources Science, Department of Plant Production Sciences, Department of Animal Sciences, Department of Applied Biosciences
Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Department of Basic Medicinal Sciences

Admission Policy

We look for talented individuals who possess sufficient fundamental knowledge and skills to acquire a high degree of expertise, the ability to express themselves appropriately, exuberant curiosity in broad areas ranging from chemistry to life sciences, and the ability to work on their research in a responsible way in cooperation with many types of people.

Selection method

Selection is carried out by a review of application documents and interviews.
(Application details will be provided on this website.)

GTR Pamphlet

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Message from Students

Satoru Kinoshita
M2, Graduate School of Bioagricultural Sciences
(D1, Graduate School of Science from academic year 2019)
I am currently studying plants, and I am engaged in fundamental research aimed at revealing their so-called "secret powers." Plant research in itself involves a wide range of fields, so I have rarely had the chance to think in terms of other disciplines. While I was an undergraduate and graduate student, I had several opportunities to communicate with people from different cultures and to study abroad. Outside Japan, I had the experience of getting to know my own culture while I was living in a multicultural environment. That is exactly what I expect from the GTR. I hope that I will have opportunities to think in a multidisciplinary way and discover a new area of study that I can call my own.

Mika Sakai
M1, Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of Science
I am excited about the numerous opportunities offered by GTR to form solid networks with people from different areas of study as we work on interdisciplinary research. I would like to get involved in GTR activities in a responsible way, so that I can advance my own research through interdisciplinary studies and also acquire the ability to appropriately express my research and evaluate it from various perspectives. I also expect to deepen my relationship with colleagues in the GTR who share these aspirations. My hope is that we will be able to reciprocally appreciate and enhance our research activities in the future, even after we have left Nagoya University.
February 2019