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Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research


Call for application to GTR program (2022)
Call for application to GTR program (2021)
GTR Proposal Award 2021 Winners
Online information sessions will be held on April 20 and 21
GTR Research Award 2020 Winners


  • GTR & RCMS Seminar
    Date: June 22(Wed),2022,16:00-17:30
    Venue: Noyori Materials Science Laboratory Noyori Lecture Room
    Speaker: Prof.S.P.Rath (Department of Chemistry Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)
    Title: Multi-Heme Proteins: Nature's Design and Effect of Heme-Heme Interactions on the Functional Control
  • "GTR Fundamental course Ⅱ" One-of-a-kind E-mail
    Date: June 17(Fri.)2022,13:00-16:15
    Lecturer: Dr. Marinela Anderca
    ※Uzing zoom
  • GTR seminar / Advanced Bioscience seminar
    Date: June 6 (Mon.) 2022, 14:00-15:30
    Speaker: Dr. ChunHong Chen (National Health Research Institutes, Taiwan)
    Title: Mechanical transmission of dengue by Aedes mosquitoes contributes to disease proliferation
    ※Online seminar
    Date:June 3(Thr),2022,16:30-18:00
    Venue:121 Lecture Room, 2F,Eng.Build.No.1
    Speaker:Dr. Dominique Cahard(Research Director,CNRS (National Centre for Scientific Research)/Normandie University,France)
    Title:Asymmetric Assembly of Fluorinated Scaffolds: Direct introduction of emerging fluorinated motifs versus Transformation of fluorinated building blocks
  • ITbM / GTR joint seminar
    Date:May 11(Wed)2022,13:00-14:30
    Venue:Lecture room, ITbM 1F
    Speaker:Prof. Wolf B. Frommer (Nagoya University/Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf/Max Planck Institute for Breeding Research)
    Title:Broad spectrum resistance to bacterial blight by editing:a bumpy road from scientific discovery to product
  • "Next Generation Lectures 2022" Data Tools Hands-On
    Date: Available on demand from May to September 2022
  • GTR seminar / Advanced Bioscience seminar
    Date:March 3rd (Thu),2022,14:00-15:30
    Speaker:Dr.Ifere Nwuneke Okereke (Graduate School of Life Science, Hokkaido University)
    Title:Spatial perception mediated by insect antennal mechanosensory system.
    ※Online seminar
  • GTR Fundamental Course Ⅱ "Presentation Skills" Professional Development Workshop
    Date:Feb.28(Mon), Mar.1(Tue),2022,10:00-12:00
    Venue: Ace Lab S, Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Main Building, 2F
    Speaker: Dr. Hiroyuki Tashiro, Designated associate professor (Graduate School of Science)
    Title: "Presentation Skills" Professional Development Workshop
  • GTR Fundamental Course Ⅱ "論文執筆ワークショップ"
    Date:Feb.1(Tue)13:00-17:30, Feb.2(Wed)14:00-16:00
    ※Using Zoom
  • GTR Seminar
    Speaker: Jonghoon Choi, Ph.D(Chung-Ang University, Associate Professor) 
    Title: Lectin-glycan affinity in nanobio theragnostics: The specific capture of pancreatic cancer exosomes and the targeted therapy of tumor cells.
    ※Using Zoom