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Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research


Call for application to GTR program (2021)
GTR Proposal Award 2021 Winners
Online information sessions will be held on April 20 and 21
GTR Research Award 2020 Winners
Call for application to GTR program (2020)


  • GTR Seminar
    Venue: On Web or Lec. Room 2 in Sch. Agriculture
    Speaker:Prof. Haruyuki ATOMI( Department of Synthetic Chemistry and Biological Chemistry Kyoto University)
    Title: The unique metabolism of Archaea
  • GTR Seminar
    Speaker:Dr. Connor W. Coley(Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT)
    Title:Data-Driven Chemistry, Small Molecule Synthesis, and Design
    ※Using Zoom
  • "GTR Fundamental course Ⅱ" One-of-a-kind E-mail
    Lecturer: Dr. Marinela Anderca
    ※Uzing zoom
  • GTR Seminar / Advanced bioscience seminar
    Date: August 6 (Fri.), 2021,16:00-17:30
    Speaker: Prof. Dr. Iris Finkemeier (Institute of Plant Biology and Biotechnology University of Münster)
    Title: Elucidating the roles of lysine acetylation in the regulation of plant metabolism.
    ※Using Zoom
  • GTR Fundamental Course Ⅱ "Break the Ice!!" in Workshop or Webinar
    Date:July 30 (Fri)16:30-18:00 ,2021
    Venue:Venture Hall, Venture Business Laboratory 3F
    Lecturer:Prof. Yoshiharu Matsuura (Designated Professor of Doctoral Education Consortium,NagoyaUniversity/Professor Emeritus, Nagoya University)
    Title:"Break the Ice!!" in Workshop or Webinar
  • GTR Seminar / Advanced bioscience seminar
    Date:July 28 (Wed),2021,15:00-16:30
    Venue:E131, Build E, Grad Sch Sci. (Hybrid online and face-to-face seminar format)
    Speaker:Prof. Dr. Katsura Asano(Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology Program, Division of Biology, Kansas State University / Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University)
    Title: Translational recoding by RNA chemical modification of non-AUG start codons
  • GTR-ITbM-RCMS Seminar
    Date: July 15(Thr),2021,16:00-17:00
    Speaker: Prof. Gustavo Fernández (Universität Münster)
    Title: Interfacing Self-Assembly and External Stimuli: from responsive to adaptive behaviour
    ※Using Zoom
  • GTR seminar / The 73rd Organoelement Seminar Series
    Date: May 20(Thu), 2021, 17:00-18:00
    Speaker: Prof. Manuel Alcarazo (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)
    Title: Synthesis and Applications of Cationic Phosphines
    ※ Online lecture (Zoom)
  • GTR Seminar
    Date: Apr.21(Wed),2021,14:00-15:00
    Speaker: Prof. Chunyan Chi (National University of Singapore)
    Title: π-Structures with Different Topologies: Synthesis, Aromaticity and Electronic Properties
    ※ Online lecture (Zoom)
  • GTR-RCMS Seminar
    Date: Mar.26(Fri),2021,9:00-10:30
    Speaker: Prof. Hao XU (Brandeis University, Boston USA)
    Title: Searching for New Reactivity: Iron-Catalyzed Selective Nitrogen Atom Transfer
    ※ Online lecture