Nagoya University

Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research


GTR seminar / Advanced Bioscience seminar

We will hold a GTR Advanced Bioscience seminar in March focused on insect spatial perception.

Animals utilise a number of sensory input modalities to guide their behaviors via integration
of information obtained by multiple sensory organs. In this seminar, Dr Ifere Nwuneke Okereke
will describe how crickets use their antennal mechanosensory systems to acquire spatial
information which can then modify behaviors mediated by other sensory organs.

Language: English

Registration (Until 1st March)is here

Organisers: Azusa Kamikouchi (kamikouchi<at><at>→@))
       Matthew Paul Su (su.matthew.paul<at><at>→@))

★GTR international students only
This seminar is "GTR Lecture series on multidisciplinary problems (1pt)".
Enroll in gtr e-portfolio (Dead line: Mar.1).Grades will be judged by report. Report submission from NUCT by Mar.17.