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Venue:Science Build.E,E131 / Online
Speaker:Dr.Takashi Kawashima (Assistant Professor,Weizmann Institute of Science,Israel)
Title:Biomodal control of natural motor adaptation by the brainstem circuit

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Animals have an innate ability to adapt their motor actions based on the resulting sensory outcomes.
Past insights on neural mechanisms for motor adaptation have been mainly obtained by artificially
controlled behavioral experiments. It remains primarily elusive how motor adaptation occurs in
naturally behaving animals. Here we demonstrate that freely swimming zebrafish show bimodal motor
adaptation, switching between low and high beating amplitudes during swimming, depending on
varying drag force. Such bimodality was conserved for spinal motor outputs for head-fixed motor
adaptation in virtual reality. The serotonergic system critically regulates this bimodal control, as its
ablation results in biasing the bimodality toward a high state. Whole-brain neural activity imaging of the
ablated fish and computational modeling of neuromodulatory interactions indicated that serotonergic
neurons affect the activity of a specific hindbrain locomotor nucleus, which can modulate reticulospinal
pathways. These results suggest that this bimodal adaptation machinery in the brainstem governs
animals' movements in various behavioral contexts.

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