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Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research



Dear all,

1st : Prof. Dr. Robert Phipps(Univ of Cambridge, UK)
Title:Harnessing Non-Covalent Interactions to Address Selectivity Challenges in Catalysis
Abstract : This lecture is focused on the development of novel strategies for selectivity control in catalytic organic transformations by harnessing non-covalent interactions.
In particular, design of reaction systems based on the exploitation of ion-pairing as a key interaction for enabling precise regio- and/or stereocontrol in the transition metal-catalyzed C-H functionalizations and photocatalytic radical-mediated bond formations will be discussed.

2nd : Prof. Dr. Hao Xu (Brandeis Univ, USA)
Title: Searching for New Reactivity: Iron-Catalyzed Selective Nitrogen Atom Transfer
Abstract : This lecture is about the discovery and development of a range of iron-catalyzed nitrogen atom transfer reactions with an emphasis on stereoselective olefin aminohydroxylation, aminofluorination, and diazidation-diamination reactions.
This lecture will also discuss mechanistic studies that have enabled the gram-scale Tamiflu® synthesis.

Date:Monday, October 17th, 2022
Venue:Lecture Hall, Noyori Materials Science Laboratory Bldg. 2F
Host:Takashi Ooi;Susumu Saito
Contact: tooi<at>; saito.susumu.c4<at> (<at>→@)

★GTR international students only
This seminar is "GTR Lecture series on multidisciplinary problems (1pt)".
Enroll in gtr e-portfolio (Dead line: Oct.10).Grades will be judged by report. Report submission from NUCT by October 31.