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GTR Seminar / Advanced bioscience seminar

Dear all,

I would like to announce the information about the research seminar by Prof. Daniel Eberl (University of Iowa)

Prof. Eberl is a visiting professor staying in our lab. He uses fruit flies as a model system to explore the molecular and cellular mechanisms of hearing and auditory behavior.
In this seminar, Prof. Eberl will describe how mechanosensory ion channels work in the fly ear.

日時/Date: November 4th, 2022 (Fri) 15:00-16:30
場所/Venue: Science Building E (E131)
講演者/Speaker: Daniel F. Eberl, PhD (Professor, University of Iowa, USA)
演題/Title: Positioning ions for efficient operation of ion channels in mechanosensation
言語/Language: English

要旨/Abstract :
Mechanosensory ion channels, which transduce the sensory stimuli from mechanical stimuli such as sound, are often open for only very short times. For example, for each cycle of the orchestral A440, there are 440 pulls on the channel every second. To ensure that ions flow efficiently through the channel pore in such brief openings, a strong electrochemical gradient across the membrane is required. In many mechanosensory systems, a specialized extracellular cavity with fluid enriched in K+ ions provides this gradient. We are using several approaches combined with the genetic tools of Drosophila to study the ion pumps and transporters that generate and maintain the receptor fluid in the scolopale space, the extracellular cavity of mechanosensory chordotonal organs in the auditory system in the antenna.

Contact: Azusa Kamikouchi / 上川内あづさ


★GTR international students only
This seminar is "GTR Lecture series on multidisciplinary problems (1pt.)".
Enroll in gtr e-portfolio (Dead line: Oct.31).Grades will be judged by report. Report submission from NUCT by Nov.18.