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Dear all,

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Marco Bandini (Univ of Bologna, Italy)

Title: Carbo- and nickel-catalyzed CO2 valorization: new perspectives in organic synthesis
Abstract: Climate change caused by CO2 is one of the world's most pressing challenges. However, the very largest part of CO2 is interconverted into "bulk chemicals" with a very narrow portfolio of fruitful applications.
In the presentation, the latest achievements of my group toward the implementation of i) new catalytic methodologies for the fixation of CO2 into complex organic scaffolds and ii) new nanostructured carbon-based composites for capture and valorization of CO2 into medium to long-term organic vectors, will be described.

Time:Friday, December 9th, 2022 ,16:30-18:00
Venue:Lecture Hall, Noyori Materials Science Laboratory Bldg. 2F
Host:Susumu Saito
Contact: saito.susumu.c4<at> (<at>→@)

★GTR international students only
This seminar is "GTR Lecture series on multidisciplinary problems (1pt)".
Enroll in gtr e-portfolio (Dead line: Dec.7).Grades will be judged by report. Report submission from NUCT by December 24.