Nagoya University

Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research



Date: January 20 (Fri),2023,16:30-18:00
Venue: Room 142 (4th floor, #1 building, Sch. of Eng.)
Speaker: Prof. Rory Waterman (University of Vermont, USA)
Title: Advances in Metal-Catalyzed Hydrophosphination

Prof. Waterman studies a wide variety of organometallic chemistry, including many catalytic reactions, such as hydrophosphination of unsaturated bonds, dehydrocoupling of H-main group element bonds, and dehydrogenation of amine-boranes. In this lecture, he is going to focus on the chemistry of hydrophosphination of unsaturated bonds.

Host   : Makoto Yamashita (Grad. Sch. of Eng.)

★GTR international students only
This seminar is "GTR Lecture series on multidisciplinary problems (1pt)".
Enroll in gtr e-portfolio (Dead line: Jan.15).Grades will be judged by report. Report submission from NUCT by Feb.3.