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Prof. Kenichiro Itami has been selected as Paul G. Gassman Lecturer!

Prof. Kenichiro Itami has been selected as this year's Paul G. Gassman Lecturer at University of Minnesota, USA!

He will deliver three lectures entitled "Synthesis of carbon nanorings and carbon nanobelts" (March 14th, 2023), "Catalyst-enabled molecular nanocarbon synthesis" (March 15th, 2023), and "Toward molecular nanocarbon biology" (March 16th, 2023). He is the fourth Japanese chemists (previously, Koji Nakanishi, Tohru Fukuyama, Hisashi Yamamoto) receiving this recognition.

[Paul G. Gassman Lectureship in Chemistry]

Since 1994 (one lecturer every year)

  1. P. Beak, R. Breslow, C. Casey, K. Houk, A. Meyers, J. Michl, J. Berson, F. Diederich, J. Gerit, S. Hanessian, K. Nakanishi, M. Paddon-Row, S.V. Ley, J. Meinwald, M. Platz, C.H. Wong, D. Poulter, M. Reetz, J. Talley, D. Curran, T. Fukuyama, P. Wender, D. Dougherty, L.E. Overman, S.E. Denmark, D.A. Evans, J. Stubbe, E.W. Meijer, B.K. Carpenter, B. Feringa, P.J. Stang, J.F. Stoddart, P. Chen, J. Frechet, G.C. Fu, J.F. Hartwig, P. Vollhardt, D. Singleton, I. Paterson, M. Doyle, H. Yamamoto, E. Anslyn, D. Blackmond, C. Hawker, E.M. Carreira, A. Hoveyda, M.G. Finn, T. Muir, S. Buchwald, S. Gellman, K. Müllen, M. Sanford, W. DeGrado, V. Aggarwal, Justin DuBois, K. Itami

Paul G. Gassman Lectureship in Chemistry