Giving to ITbM

The Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM) is an international research center established at Nagoya University after being adopted in 2012 to the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).
The molecules that form the basis of our research may be small, but they are essential for our existence, and have the power to change the world that we live in.
Since ITbM's inception, with the cooperative power of chemists to give molecules their capabilities, biologists to discover how to apply them, and theoreticians to analyze and calculate their power, we have broken down the walls dividing the scientific disciplines and produced numerous successes. As we continue to face the challenge of creating chemical processes and molecules that will have a positive impact on society, we have to nurture the next generation of researchers in a way that fosters this inter-disciplinary thinking.
Through our fund, the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program, we pledge to use your donation to support researchers who have the ability and attitude to help change our society for the better.
We are very grateful for whatever you are able to give.

Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Nagoya University.
Takashi Yoshimura
Director, ITbM

How to give

For donors who live in Japan, there are a variety of ways to give. You can donate online, or use a paper form which you can submit at a convenience store. Click the Donate button below to be transferred to the Nagoya University Foundation. On the 'Give to Nagoya University' donation form, choose 'Support for Special Funds' as the purpose of your donation, then select 'Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program' from the drop-down list that appears below.

To request a paper donation form, or for donation-related enquiries, please contact us

052-747-6901(Weekdays 9:00-17:00)
(Please replace [at] with @ when sending an email.)

If you wish to donate on behalf of an organization, make a legacy donation or a non-monetary donation (land, property, securities, stocks etc.) please contact us via the above routes.

Paying by credit card

Receipts are dated on the day of receipt of funds by Nagoya University. This depends on your card company, and is usually with 1-2 months of making your initial application for donation. In the case of donations made in December, receipts may be dated the following year.

Paying by bank transfer

Receipts are issued once Nagoya University has received the funds. This usually takes between two weeks and a month.

Please note that we are unable to accept donations falling outside of the Tokai National Higher Education and Research System regulations and the Nagoya University regulations, along with those outlined below:

  • Any gift requiring preferential treatment from the University as a condition of donation.
  • Any gift whose donation may obstruct the University from carrying out its duties.
  • Any gift not appropriate to the University's public image.
  • Any gift from persons or organizations recognized as antisocial elements.

Our Thanks to You

On top of the benefits offered to Nagoya University donors, ITbM offers its donors the following benefits

  • All donors

    Unless you wish to give anonymously, your name will be published in the donor list in our newsletter and on our website. You will also receive a subscription to our newsletter.

  • Donors giving over ¥200,000

    You will be invited to our events such as the Science Cafe and Science Festival, have the opportunity for a site visit and to attend Homecoming Day.

  • Donors giving over ¥1,000,000

    You will be invited to all ITbM events and special seating will be prepared for you if you participate in events such as the Science Cafe and Science Festival.

How we use your donations

When you select 'Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Support Program' as the destination for your gift, part of it is managed by the Nagoya University Foundation, and the rest goes to support the following endeavors within ITbM.

  • Support for ITbM Members

    Providing stable employment, support and education for exceptional young researchers to create the next generation of international, ambitious and creative minds.

  • Supporting Researc

    Providing support for young researchers' startups and helping with the costs of ambitious new research projects means that they are able to focus on their research without concerns over financial stability.

  • Facilities

    Providing support to keep our research environment maintained to the highest possible standards.

  • Other

    Supporting the daily running of ITbM


For Individuals

Income tax deductions

Individuals in Japan can receive deductions on their income tax related to annual giving of over ¥2,000 and up to 40% of their total net income in that tax year.

Residence Tax

Individuals living in administrative areas (prefectures, cities, wards, towns and villages) where Nagoya University is a designated tax-deductible charitable organization can qualify for a reduced rate of residence tax in the tax year following their donation.
The maximum tax-deductible donation is 30% of the individual's total net income for the year.

・In the case of prefectures, the rate is 4%.
・In the case of cities, wards, towns and villages, the rate is 6%.
・If both prefecture and subdivision designate Nagoya University as a tax-deductible charitable organization, the rate is 10%.

Inheritance Tax

Donations made as part of a will are exempt from inheritance tax.

For Organizations

Your donation qualifies as a business expense.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I donate?

There are two principal ways to donate to Nagoya University:

①Online via the Nagoya University Foundation website
②Using a paper form and paying at a bank or convenience store

If you have any enquiries about methods of giving, please feel free to contact us on 052-747-6901 or via E-mail at kikin[@]

How can I receive a paper donation form?

We can post it to you. Please contact us to request a form on 052-747-6901 or via E-mail at kikin[@]

Is there a set donation amount?

No. We are enormously grateful for your desire to donate, whatever the amount. If you wish to donate a certain amount but do not want to do so all at once, consider setting up a smaller monthly donation. Any amount is gratefully received at ITbM.

Can donations be refunded?

As every case is different, if you have any enquiries, please contact the Nagoya University Development Office on 052-789-4993 or via E-mail at kikin[@]

How long will it take for a receipt to be issued?

A receipt will be issued between two weeks and a month after Nagoya University has received the funds.

What will my donation be used for?

The personal development of the brightest young researchers, support for ambitious and novel research projects, and keeping ITbM's facilities at the highest standard.

Donation enquiries

Nagoya University Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules Donations office
TEL:052-747-6901 (Weekdays 8:00-17:00) E-mail:kikin[at]