A Message from Takashi Yoshimura, Director of ITbM

Looking back through history, we can see the revolutionary effects of lifesaving drugs like penicillin and vital research tools such as green fluorescent protein. Our dream is to change the world through molecules, and by fusing state of the art synthetic chemistry, biology and theoretical science, ITbM has developed a range of promising bio-functional molecules during its first ten years. Many of these molecules have been commercialized and utilized to discover the molecular mechanisms of important biological events.

Our earth faces a number of critical issues that are vital to the sustainable future of mankind, such as achieving food security, combating climate change, protecting ecosystems and ensuring healthy lives. In ITbM's second chapter, 'ITbM 2.0', we will further accelerate and expand our research to solve these important social issues with the power of molecules. Novel molecular structures harbor new functions beyond our imagination. If we can utilize the power of such molecules to elucidate fundamental biological functions in plants and animals, we will be able to maximize their ability to grow, reproduce, and adapt to environment, as well as understand and overcome various diseases.

Curiosity has always been the driving force behind research at ITbM. We will open up new frontiers with the power of molecules through curiosity-driven interdisciplinary research. We will nurture a new generation who can pioneer new science at the interface of multiple disciplines and attract top global researchers to face fresh challenges.

Takashi Yoshimura, Director of ITbM, Nagoya University