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A book "Chronobiology and Chronomedicine" edited by Co-PI Tsuyoshi Hirota (Designated Associate Professor) and Prof. Germaine Cornelissen has been published!

A specialized book "Chronobiology and Chronomedicine" edited by Tsuyoshi Hirota (Co-PI, Designated Associate Professor, ITbM) and Germaine Cornelissen (Professor, University of Minnesota, USA) has been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry!

Below is the introductory text posted on the Royal Society of Chemistry website.

[About this book]

Circadian rhythms have been shown to be ubiquitous and critically important in the experimental laboratory, accounting for the difference between life and death in response to identical stimulus. The partly endogenous nature of circadian rhythms has been well documented and methods for their characterisation have been developed enabling the cellular and molecular mechanisms to be understood. Chronobiology and Chronomedicine aims to provide a review of these mechanisms underlying circadian rhythms and illustrate the role of the brain's suprachiasmatic nuclei in the 'pace-making' process and the effects caused by 'clock genes' present in almost all cells. Beyond the mechanisms involved, the book discusses the relationship between body systems, disease, and proper circadian function; in particular, how disruption of the circadian rhythm is associated with ill health and disease status from observations made at the organismic level. The book is organised to be an ideal introduction for the postgraduate in various fields, reviewing developments and outlining methods to show the depth and breadth of chronobiology and chronomedicine, as well as an invaluable companion to researchers and healthcare professionals working in the field with an interest in developing novel therapeutic approaches.

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