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Director Takashi Yoshimura receives one of the highest award in chronobiology for "Aschoff's Ruler"

ITbM's Director Takashi Yoshimura (PI, Prof.) received Aschoff's Ruler, considered the top honor in the field of chronobiology at the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms (SRBR) 2024 Biannual meeting.

About Aschoff's Ruler (Honor):

Dr. Jürgen Aschoff, one of the founders of chronobiology, made fundamental observations about how animals respond to light that became known as Aschoff's Rule. In 1991, one of the scientists Aschoff mentored, Till Roenneberg, took from Aschoff's lab the battered old wooden ruler he had used to trace patterns in behavioral data, mounted it on a bronze plaque, and began the tradition of giving Aschoff's Ruler to a top scientist in the field.

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