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A Message from Kenichiro Itami, Director of ITbM

Kenichiro Itami, Director of ITbM, Nagoya University

Molecules are small but essential parts of all life on the planet. It is my strong belief that molecules have the power to change the way we do science and the way we live. The focal point of ITbM is to develop transformative bio-molecules that will be key to solving urgent problems at the interface of chemistry and biology. The identity of ITbM is its capability to develop completely new bioactive molecules with carefully designed functions. With biologists knowing what functions they need in molecules and chemists knowing how to install these functions, huge advances are predicted from ITbM. This unique approach will attract the top researchers worldwide and also nurture the next generation of cutting-edge research, unrestricted by the bounds of traditional disciplines.

ITbM will connect molecules, create value, and change the world, one molecule at a time.