Masayoshi Nakamura

Co-Principal Investigator, Designated Associate Professor

Live Cell Imaging, Plant Cell Biology
The research in the Frommer-Nakamura group at ITbM works in four areas: (i) Engineering of genetically encoded biosensors and sponges for in vivo biochemistry, (ii) Characterization of the determinants of interactions between small molecules and transporters to help identifying novel drugs and agrochemicals; (iii) The search for yet unidentified receptors for small molecules; and (iv) chemical genomics and imaging of processes related to cellular growth and dynamics.


2003B.S.; Kyoto University (Agriculture)
2009Ph.D.; Nara institute of Science and Technology (Bioscience)
2009-2011Global COE Research Fellow, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
2011-2017Postdoctoral Fellow; Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
2012-2015HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowship; Carnegie Institution for Science, USA
2017-2021Co-PI, Designated Lecturer, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University
2021-presentCo-PI, Designated Associate Professor, WPI-ITbM, Nagoya University